Various ways to get a lot of cards created for you

Massive lot of cards to choose from

I have never owned a card store but have more cards than a lot of card stores.  Thus the reason this domain/business is called "lot of cards".  My goal of this site is to meet local customers that can visit in person.   However, gladly will ship custom lots together for customers. 

Organization of this lot of cards

As you can see from the pictures these cards are not very organized.   Half of the fun is not knowing where everything is.   It is a challenge to hunt through this mess (i mean collection) finding items.  Therefore I can not fill wish lists of specific cards.   I can find teams and in many cases specific players.   

Examples of some frequent requests

Can you find me  a specific team? Yes no problem.

Can you find me a specific year?   Perhaps but would rather a range of years like love 1970's Steelers or 1980's Red Sox.  

Can you find me a 1952 Mickey Mantle?  No sorry can't find specific cards.  Too time consuming.

What does this massive lot of cards consist of:

Candidly I have vintage from early 1930's to current cards of mainly MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL cards.  Again the issue is finding specific cards.     However, searching for favorite teams and or players is possible.  

What does it cost?

My goal is to find return customers that really like purchasing from me.   I have spent a lot of money to accumulate this lot of cards.  I am not looking to give them away.  However, my typical customers request  like below:

They email, text or call me.   They say I am looking for "their favorite team or their kids favorites".   They say I am looking for many cards of this team and I am looking to spend $ X for example.  I can make custom lots from everywhere from $20 on up.   I will be more than fair with you.   


  • Can I give you more than one specific team to search for?  Yes that is my preference.
  • Can I give you a specific year or brand of cards?  Yes but it is much easier and thus cheaper for you to give me a range of years and for you to be open to various brands.
  • How long does it take for you to create a custom lot?   Depending on the difficulty of the request anywhere from next day to a week.   You will get constant updates from me.
  • Do you have autos , game used and graded cards?  Yes I have a lot of those.  However, specific player requests for autos or game used may not be accepted for me to search.
  • Can I make arrangements to visit this lot of cards personally?  Absolutely I would very much like that. However, this is a second job for me.  So meetings would need to be after 5pm or weekends most likely.
  • What do you charge to ship?   Shipping is done at a very fair estimate of the cost to me.  I do not make money on shipping.   Typically ship using USPS flat rate for cheapest costs.
  • Do you sell boxes of cards?  Yes I do and depending on what you are looking for I bet my prices will be much better than anywhere you can find.  
  • Have all the good cards been pulled?
    A typical box will include rookies, stars, inserts and commons.  Yes Autos and Game Used have been pulled.   However,  if you want those we can work something out.
  • Do you have Vintage?  I am 52 years old and have been collecting since I was 7.   So absolutely!   Vintage is harder to price but if you want vintage cards in your custom order we can talk
  • How do I reach you?   See all the contact info I have.   There are ways for you to connect with me on LinkedIn, friend me on Facebook, email or call/text me.   I pride myself on being available ASAP to you!

Lot of cards and great ideas

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