Welcome to Lot of Cards!

Welcome to Lot of Cards!

About our lot of cards

Please note on a very consistent basis we put eBay auctions up at .79 cents starting price with free US shipping.   My goal is to gain more people bidding in our eBay store and if you are local to Nashua, NH to potentially meet you and offer great deals in bulk purchases in person.  Click here for my eBay store.  

My name is Mike Levine and I am the owner of a massive "Lot of cards".   My collection of 40+ years is quite massive and diverse.  Certainly if you are local to Nashua, NH and want to purchase in bulk please call me or email.   

This is currently a hobby side business for me.   My main job is as a Director of Global Talent &  Communication  with a great company called Linaro.  See myself on video here:  www.linaro.org/careers

I tell you all this because I want you to know I am all about people and strive to be a very trust worthy person for others to deal with.  I will do my best to keep you happy as a customer.  

Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

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Sign up if local and you would like to buy sport cards in bulk. Also will ship in bulk using USPS one rate boxes.

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